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    公司在開發SY-4ΓΦ610mm×2030mm人造革四輥壓延機基礎上又先后研發了Φ660mm×2300 mm 、Φ760mm×2850mm以及Φ910mm×4200mm的彈性地板、塑料薄膜四輥壓延主機系統和輔機系統,又新開發了國際首臺套制品幅面寬度2000mm、厚度20mm的離型紙法“六涂六烘”并具有在線貼合壓紋功能的彈性地板成套生產裝備,其制品已廣泛應用于體育運動、商務、工業和家裝等場所。







    Based on more than 50 years experience in manufacturing equipment combined with the modern science and technology for plastic processing machinery our company was reshuffled in 2003 into a private company, Xinxiang Dingxin Machinery Co. Ltd. is located in the ancient battlefield of Makino, Henan, Xinxiang province. It is a member of the China Light Industry Machinery Association and a standing director of the China elastic flooring branch.

    We are one of the few companies in China to manufacture whole range of plants including calender lines, coating lines and auxiliary equipments to produce PVC flooring, artificial leather, split leather and wet synthetic leather. We are awarded as "high-tech enterprise" in Henan Province and has established the "Xinxiang City Rubber Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center" approved by the state.

    The company has obtained the quality certification, and been awarded more than 40 national patents, including 6 invention patentsA number of products have been appraised by experts, reaching the domestic or international advanced level, and won the China Light Industry Federation and the provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress award. Our company has developed big-width, multi-heads, water-based ink plastic film printing machines and natural gas heating ovens to replace coal-fired heat ovens, which are environmental friendly as effective measures to reduce environmental pollution in a big way, and obtained "China elastic flooring industry outstanding contributions" award.

    Our company has developed SY - 4ΓΦ610 mm x 2030 mm leatherette four roll calenders and successively developed Φ660 mm x 2300 mm, 760 mm x 2850 mm and Φ910 mm x 4200 mm calenders with auxiliary equipment for the production of elastic floor, plastic film, and synthetic leather. In addition, we have manufactured the first release paper PVC coating line for floorcovering in the world of “6 coating head 6 oven”, with final product width of 2000mm, thickness of 20mm, in line laminating&embossing. Its products are widely used in sports, business, industry and home decoration area.

    We have cooperated with European machinery experts and exported many PU/PVC synthetic leather machines and split leather machines and related equipment to countries such as ItalyPolandIndia, Iran, Korea etc.

    Our company relies on scientific and technological innovation, constantly trains our staff, pursuits excellence services, and seeks common development as our final target.

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